The French ports reform of 2008 has laid down the principles that reinforce the role of the entities in charge of ports development and planning. The Marseille Fos port has placed ecological transition and concerted development at the center of its strategy.

Responsible port development and planning

In this context, the enlargement works of the Northern passage to be concluded in 2017 were initiated under the impulse of the touristic sector players, in a bid to facilitate access to sizable cruise ships. The exploitation of the Forme 10 construction site has been restarted via the creation of an outstanding naval repair and maintenance hub operating on the Western Mediterranean shores. It will pave the way for the revival of the industrial activity, and thus brings substantial promises in terms of job creation.

In 2016, no less than 2 marine geothermal plants have been constructed on the port basins, namely the Massiléo and Thassalia stations.

Both projects now provide full heating and climate control to the neighboring areas and buildings, relying on a virtuous-cycle renewable energy network. The Marseille Port, long seen as a pioneer and innovator in terms of environmental practices has announced the establishment, starting July 2017, of the “World Ports Climate Initiative” with the purpose to decrease air pollution generated by the ships.